A.M. Riley | Immortality is the Suck

 Title: Immortality is the Suck | Adam & Peter #1

 Author: A.M. Riley

 Publishing Date: August 25th, 2009

 Publisher: Loose ID

 Buy: Loose ID

 Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ / 5 blissful hearts


Adam’s an undercover vice cop dealing with a dark past. He’s no stranger to bad nights; in fact, he’s lived a lot of them. But he won’t survive this one. First, a drug deal he’s working goes south. Then his partner and sometimes sex partner Peter has to watch him bleed to death. But the kicker: he’s not sure what’s worse. Watching Peter cry over him or waking up undead.

Peter’s a good cop in love with a bad man. Or a bad vampire, now. Watching Adam die was the worst thing he could imagine. Until he woke up. Now their relationship’s in crisis. Adam’s in the middle of a vampire enclave at the center of Los Angeles motorcycle clubs and Peter just can’t hack it.

Adam thinks he’s fine with that. He’s a commitment-phobe. But he’s about to discover, immortality is seriously the suck.

→ ♥ ←


The title and cover jumped in my face, when I was searching around for a new paranormal m/m book to read and, as I am a complete sucker for pretty covers (and funny titles), I had to get it.

Probably one of the wisest choices I have made, regarding buying ebooks.

Not only is the cover pretty and the title funny, but A.M. Riley has the amazing ability to make something ordinary into extraordinary and her writing style just sucks you in right from the first paragraph.

I have read my fair share of paranormal romances. You can say that it is what I read the most and especially when it comes to M/M stories. I have read fewer, but still some, cop/law inforcement stories, as well.
But law inforcement can be tough to write; you need to have the mentality of these cops and make sure it is as believable as possible. Adding in some paranormal creatures, it can be rather difficult.

A.M. Riley however does a brilliant job at it.
This book/series is not your every day pretty romance between two cops with a few vampires thrown in the mix. Quite the opposite.
The emotions are strong and the characters are so well-written that you feel like they are right beside you, telling you their story themselves. They have flaws, they have feelings and they are so human (even the vampires) that you cannot help cheering quietly on them in your head.
You can feel that the author has put thoughts into the beta characters as well, which makes for a highly interesting read, as they are all wonderfully complex.

It’s a more ‘serious’ m/m book so to say.
I am used to reading books where the sex is explicitly described and the sex is described here, too, but it isn’t the focus point. Rather, the relationship between Adam and Peter and Adam’s take in his new world are.

One of the best written vampire/cop books I have read in a long time. It got me hooked in A.M. Riley’s writing as well and I am more than certain I will be getting more from her.


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