Vicktor Alexander | The Alpha King

Title: The Alpha King | Passion’s Hero #1

Author: Vicktor Alexander

Publishing Date: April 27, 2013

Publisher: Silver Publishing

Buy: Silver Publishing

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  / 3.75 blissful hearts



Talon Versuthion loses his memory and his family, and decides to remain alone. The Vermithian crash lands on Turmaro and finds himself face to face with the one man he never wanted to meet–his mate, Alpha King Blazell Roughshire.

A delivery for the GPA goes horribly wrong and Talon Versuthion crash lands on Tumaro, the notorious wolf-shifter planet. Lucky to be alive, Tal desperately wants to find his missing adopted sister, but instead meets Alpha King Blazell Roughshire–Tal’s fated mate. Before the two can settle into their relationship, they have to deal with conspiracy, murder, kidnapping, Tal’s lost memory and his forgotten brothers. But their biggest obstacle is a centuries’ old plot to eradicate the human race. Tal, who has made it a point to never fall in love, has to decide if he can open his heart and let Blaze be passion’s hero.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This book contains scenes of rape or near rape.

This is a re-edited, re-release title.

→ ♥ ←


Now, I have highly conflicted feelings over this book, which is probably mainly due to my multiple pet peeves I have, when it comes to MM books.

At first, the names threw me off quite a lot due to their extravagance and that it took far too long to read them. It made for stops in my reading, which is not something I am a fan of. Next there was the female sidekick, who I have never been a fan of when it comes to MM books. Somehow, in some stories containing mentioned sidekick, females always get far too much screen time than what is necessary.

Joshie, the sister of Talon “Tal” Versuthion is said sidekick and in the beginning I did not like her, which made me grumble through most of the pages. She was fairly annoying and over protective with a strife of ‘I am the amazing hardcore female and I will not bow down to you’ persona. Which is good, because females are not the weak link, however they are not who I want to hear about when I pick up an MM book, either.

However, af it is so often happens, characters start to grow on me and Joshie – with the rest of the gang – were not different. Tal turned out to be a character of the classical twink beauty, but with a backbone worth the alpha mate status he gets. It was quite fascinating watching him grow with the job as well as his pregnancy, which is one of the reasons why I stuck with the story, even though it had a slow start and the dialouge part needs to be revised at a later date (more on that later).

Alpha King Blaze is not your stereotypical alpha mate either. Yes, he has a lot of the characteristics, but he isn’t nearly the same over protective, I Tarzan, You Jane, kind of alpha some authors have a tendency to write. He is an interesting character who goes through a development along with Tal, which makes them both fascinating to follow.

The Alpha King has a lot of minor, yet highly important, characters, which may throw you off a little bit. There are a lot to keep track of, though Mr. Alexander does a good job at keeping them in line, so it won’t be too confusing. They all have their own characteristics and a personality which makes you like them, so they are shifters (and others) you want to hear more about the more you read.

Names and a lot of minor characters aren’t the only thing which might throw you off, when reading this novel, though. The dialouges have a tendency to become monolouges from time to time, taking up a whole page and paragraph without breaks. It makes for quite a lot of reading without pause and it can be exhausting. I’ll admit I did tend to skim the sentences, when I came across such an action after it had happened more than three times.

Despite these things, and pet peeves of mine, The Alpha King is a solid story with a well thought world and timeline. Mr. Alexander has created a world in a sci-fi setting, which seems believable with inhibitants you want to read more about. A good plot and sub-plots, which makes you turn each page with anticipation for the next one, and at the end you wish the second book would get here soon.

I for one am looking forward to the second book in this series.


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