Sean Michael | Renew

Title: Renew | Hammer #18

Author: Sean Michael

Publishing Date: June 19, 2013

Publisher: Torquere Press

Buy: Torquere Books

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ / 2.75 blissful hearts


Sharing your problems with your master always makes things better, but it’s a lesson every sub needs to relearn now and then. Jim, Montana and Jeremy are no different and a get together at the Hammer has them reminiscing about how Marcus, Billy and Simon have helped to make everything better, once they were in the loop about their subs’ problems.

Join these three popular Hammer couples as they celebrate their lives together.

→ ♥ ←


I have been hoping on a new Marcus and Jim story, as they are by far my favourite couple in the Hammer Universe. Hearing that a new story would be out with them, I have been sitting on needles, just waiting on it. Considering it is a new Hammer, too, which usually means it is around the 200 pages, made it even better. To find out, I was ‘only’ getting 64 pages comes as a slight disapppointment.

While I love Marcus and Jim, this book just never caught my interest, as most other Hammer books do. Perhaps because I have never had such fondness for the two other couples, but in all honesty, I found it a quite boring read.

I am far more used to Sean Michael and her smutty books, which are full of sex and fragmented sentences. Here, I barely had any and it was surprisingly uninteresting to read. Considering the blurb, I guess I had expected some more and I would have thought it had been far longer and more angsty.

Instead, we have Simon and Jeremy, Billy and Tanny, and Marcus sitting at the Hammer and waiting on Jim who had a doctor appointment to go to. When he arrives and tells about his good news, they all remember times when the subs should have told something important regarding their health and did not. The first part of the book is hearing the remembrance told from the subs’ sides, while the latter is the Dominants’ turn to voice their opinions.

Renew has an interesting set-up and is quite different from any of the other Hammer books in the aspect that it has three parellel stories. However, it unfortunately manages to crash to Earth a bit too hard, as it never follows through on any of its sexual promises and instead lets the climax fizzle out like sand between your fingers.

It is not an important book for the storyline so far. But, as the next full length Hammer book (hopefully) will be Marcus and Jim getting hitched and doing the big white deal, it might bring up some pointers made in Renew. Unfortunately, this book feels like it had to be done in a rush, which is quite a let down, as Hammer is one of her most beloved series.


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