J.L. Merrow | Damned If You Do: Complete Collection

Title: Damned If You Do: Complete Collection #1 – 4

Author: J.L. Merrow

Publishing Date: June 22, 2013

Publisher: Riptide Publishing

Buy: Riptide Publishing

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  / 4 blissful hearts




Some sins are worth the price.

Sexy male succubus Rael has an insatiable appetite for men that gets him into all kinds of trouble. And he’s just found his favorite flavor: hunky blond detective Lars Thornsson. When those cool Nordic looks combine with Rael’s smoldering dark charms, all Hell could break loose.

Lars’s job at the Paranormal Enforcement Agency means he’s supposed to be policing demons, not falling in lust—or love—with them. But there’s something about this feisty little sex demon that hits all his buttons. With no shortage of deadly sinners in his city, from serial-killing succubi to drug-dealing demons, all Lars can do is try to keep his private life from interfering with his work.

But Rael has a knack for getting mixed up in cases that threaten both their domestic harmony and their lives.

→ ♥ ←


I love demons and angels. They have always had something extraordinary about them (naturally) and are always interesting to read about. J.L. Merrow’s Rael is one of the most adorable ones of the bunch. He is cute, sexy and hilarious, being a never ending delightful headache for his Nordic lover Lars.

The Complete Collection is sexy, sensual and hilarious. It brings the best from both the demon world as well as the human one with two strong male protagonists and a kickass female sidekick . It brings in the supernatural without it being the main focus of the story as such – after all, discrimination is everywhere in the world and here it is described as being towards demons and especially succubus demons.

Lars, the blonde Nordic cop, was a breath of fresh air in a world, which is mostly dominated by Afro American or just generally English people (no offence). As a person from a Nordic country, it almost felt like coming home, when reading about it and I could see some of the characteristics of the Nordic people, I felt like a giddy teenager going to her first boyband concert – I kid you not!
It is so rare for me to see ‘my own people’ in books (especially MM) that I could not put it down; besides the obvious sex scenes, succubus and cop dream.

Rael is sexy, sassy and adorable with a wicked tongue and an even more wicked personality, which perfectly suits his status as an succubus demon. He knows his Kama Sutra and isn’t afraid to use his knowledge to gain a firm and permanent landing in Lars’ life. Despite his seductive nature, he turns out to be fiercely loyal to his Nordic lover and not one to stray from his partner.

J.L. Merrow has an amazing ability to draw you in with her humour and her sassy comments, which makes for an enjoyable read. The four books each focus on a paranormal problem, which automatically flows into and disrupts the dynamics of Lars’ and Rael’s relationship.

The first two are the regular get-to-know-each-other books, while the third brings in an old ex of Rael’s and Lars has to come to terms with his jealousy. The fourth digs a bit deeper and shows that not everything is pink skies and red roses, as Rael has – since the first book – been an illegal demon on Earth. This also means that they both have to go far and beyond what they normally would for a relationship.

Damned If You Do is definitely worth a read. That it has been edited by the talented staff at Riptide is just the sugar coating to my candy.


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