Q & A

What do you review?

M/M fiction only. While I do read YA and other things from time to time, this is where my interest is and what I wish to review. In the M/M genre, I review all sub-genres, though – paranormal, contemporary, historical, BDSM; you name it, I have probably already read it.

How about requests?

I love them. No, seriously, I do. I usually eat my way through multiple books a week and I am always hunting something new and interesting down. However, I tend to have a hard time finding something every now and then, so I would be more than happy to take requests.
For authors and publishers please go to the Request page and read how to go about it.
For readers, throw an email my way via the Contact page and I will return to you. Do give a link to the GoodReads page for the book, title, author and a summary of what it is about – a little sample of genres won’t hurt either, darlings.

Are you only here?

Nope. I am also at GoodReads, Tumblr & Twitter.
Tumblr and Twitter are automatically connected to this blog, so whenever I have a new post up, you will get a notification there. At Tumblr you will also see all the delicious pictures I reblog *nudge nudge*
Lots of reasons to follow me – and because I would adore it if you did, so feel free to friend me everywhere, haha.

Can I contact you just because?

Of course you can. I love writing with people and meeting new people especially if we have common interests. If you have comments, just wants to shoot the shit or know more about me, feel free to tell me so.

Again, it all happens via the Contact page in the first round and afterwards you will probably get an email from me. This is due to that I do not wish my email spammed with bots and ads.

I never got a respond. Don’t you like me?

It has absolutely nothing to do with that. Usually it is probably because there is a glitch somewhere in the system. If that happens, please leave a message here with your email and I will contact you afterwards. I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience if this should happen.


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