This blog is a hobby of mine – I don’t do this for money, nor for fame, but I do it for fun and because I enjoy reading and enjoy writing my feelings and thoughts about what I’ve read.


  • M/M genre only!
  • YA M/M is a possibility.


  • The reviews are my own and reflects my thoughts and feelings about a particular book. You may disagree with my opinions, and you are welcome to, however when voicing them keep it in a respectful tone.
  • I have never, and will never, be influenced by anyone when writing my review.
  • You can trust my reviews to be honest – that goes for what I say and how I say it.


  • When I have finished a book, I will usually have a review up in a few days
  • Do make room for delays – I am a university student and reviewing is just for fun
  • Rarely will there go longer than a week.