How often?

How often will you post reviews?

That varies. I will try as much as possible to post a handful each week, however real life has a tendency to take over and spontaneous visits and demands from friends aren’t uncommon in my world *wink wink*

So, sometimes you may experience up to three reviews one day and then nothing the next two. Fear not when that happens. Reviews will be up and posted, but I will have to take breaks every now and then to focus on something else.

I will always review requested books first (from authors and publishers) and afterwards comes the ones I have chosen or the ones you have send me a message about.

In addition to my ‘When’ on the policy page, only authors and publishers who have contacted me will know when the review will be up of their book(s). However, do allow time for slight delays, as it may happen.

However, as a university student there a some months I will have less time in.

Winter months: Middle of November to middle of January (winter exams)
Summer Months: May – June (summer exams) – Summer Vacation in July and August, so the the amount of action there might be less, as well.


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